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The Graduates 2015

Our annual showcase of the most exciting students graduating from UK art and design courses is back for a seventh year. We were faced with the mammoth task of whittling down 900 applicants to only 16 talented people whose work ranges from graphic design and illustration to fine art and photography. They are a truly talented, driven bunch, and we’re very excited to be championing their work here.

  1. Unnamed-4 The Graduates 2015 We ask some established creatives what they wish they'd learned at art school
  2. Unnamed-2 The Graduates 2015 Should creatives ever accept unpaid work? We ask some seasoned experts
  3. Unnamed-1 The Graduates 2015 Do newly graduated creatives need an agent to get work? We ask the experts
  4. Unnamed-3 The Graduates 2015 Top creatives' advice for grads on putting together a portfolio
  5. Sophie-list The Graduates 2015 Raw and compelling portraits by photography talent Sophie Mayanne
  6. Ellen-list The Graduates 2015 London markets shot by photographer and LCC grad Ellen Syrjala
  7. Anna-list The Graduates 2015 Introducing Camberwell graduate Anna Skeels' painterly illustration
  8. Joel-list The Graduates 2015 Introducing Kingston grad and designer Joel Antoine-Wilkinson
  9. Dillon-list The Graduates 2015 Dillon Biltcliffe Newell's work straddles design, illustration and 3D graphics
  10. Lewis-list The Graduates 2015 Vibrant, playful work from Camberwell grad and painter Lewis-John Henderson
  11. Phillipine-list The Graduates 2015 Expressive illustration of people and places by Philippine d'Otreppe
  12. Tommy-list The Graduates 2015 Graphic designer Tommy Spitters' impassioned, politics-fuelled portfolio
  13. Anton-list The Graduates 2015 Cheeky, weird and downright rude 3D renders by designer Anton Hjertstedt
  14. Michael-list The Graduates 2015 Animator and illustrator Michael Driver's concise and communicative images
  15. Tilly-list The Graduates 2015 Graphics meet set design in Tilly Thompson's portfolio
  16. George-list The Graduates 2015 Collage, art and illustration collide in George Douglas' colourful portfolio
  17. Charlie-list The Graduates 2015 Meet Manchester graduate and fantastic photographer Charlie Hitchen
  18. Nina-list The Graduates 2015 Minimalist architecture replicated in paper by photographer Nina Band
  19. Alexander-list The Graduates 2015 Larger than life screenprints from Camberwell grad Alexander James Wood
  20. Shannon-list The Graduates 2015 Graphic designer extraordinaire Shannon Lea's intelligent design
  21. Grads-itsnicethat-list The Graduates 2015 Introducing the It's Nice That Graduates of 2015!
  22. Grads2015-category The Graduates 2015 Enter your work for the chance to be an It's Nice That Graduate of 2015!