The Graduates 2016

Our annual showcase of the most exciting students graduating from UK art and design courses is back for its eighth year, presenting a range of talented graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and more. We’re championing their work here with the kind support of G . F Smith, whose gorgeous range of papers and services can be just the thing for new and soon-to-be creative grads.

  1. 14_int_grads_makebook_john2_copy The Graduates 2016 Our 2016 Grads create Make Books with G . F Smith
  2. Int_graduates_gfsmith_motivation_list The Graduates 2016 Stay creatively motivated with these top tips
  3. Its_nice_that_advice_list The Graduates 2016 Do you need an agent?
  4. Its_nice_that_advice_list-01 The Graduates 2016 Five things to remember as a young creative
  5. Itsnicethat_list_img_002 The Graduates 2016 Is it ever OK to work for free?
  6. Grads_hero_113 The Graduates 2016 Tom Joyes' astute cultural distillations through data, design and film
  7. Grads_hero_1 The Graduates 2016 Oscar Mitchell's expressive illustrations ooze with characterful panache
  8. Grads_hero_18 The Graduates 2016 Liam Hart's photography carries a visceral energy, even when capturing the banal
  9. Grads_hero_13 The Graduates 2016 Georgia Cranstoun's process-driven style tests the rules of graphic design
  10. Grads_hero_110 The Graduates 2016 Michael Cox's paintings capture the transience of the urban landscape
  11. Grads_hero_17 The Graduates 2016 John Molesworth's colourful approach to image making is all-encompassing
  12. Grads_hero_111 The Graduates 2016 Oliver Marshall is a photography grad who wants to prove Martin Parr wrong
  13. Grads_hero_19 The Graduates 2016 Illustrator Maddy Mould's thoughtful, craft-led work brightens up the everyday
  14. Grads_hero_16 The Graduates 2016 Animator Jennifer Zheng builds strong, personal narratives through her rich visuals
  15. Grads_hero_114 The Graduates 2016 Vera Babida's esoteric animations are full of character and life
  16. Grads_hero_12 The Graduates 2016 Ben Leonard celebrates the digital and the analogue throughout his design work
  17. Grads_hero_15 The Graduates 2016 Kingston grad Harry Grundy's design work has a highly conceptual bias
  18. Grads_hero_113 The Graduates 2016 Peony Gent's illustrations move effortlessly from the emotive to the irreverent
  19. Grads_hero_14 The Graduates 2016 Hannah Nightingale's work aims to "question definitions of graphic design"
  20. List_image_1 The Graduates 2016 It's Nice That's Graduates 2016!
  21. Its-nice-that-graduates-2016 The Graduates 2016 Join us this Wednesday as we reveal The Graduates 2016
  22. Grad2016_int_list The Graduates 2016 Final call for entries to The Graduates 2016 - applications close 5 June
  23. Grad2016_int_list The Graduates 2016 Enter your work for the chance to be an It’s Nice That Graduate of 2016!