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Each season to coincide with London Fashion Week, we spend time travelling around the city visiting artists and designers who may or may not be too busy to bother with following fashion, to find out what creative people really wear, and why.

  1. 00-rs-list Workwear Set designer Robert Storey on being subtle in his wardrobe but bold in his work
  2. 00_patt_list_int Workwear Patternity co-founders Anna and Grace on monochrome and dressing as a duo
  3. 00_ww_camilla_perkins_int_list Workwear Illustrator Camilla Perkins on wearing pattern vs. all black
  4. 00_wilf_list_int Workwear Wilfrid Wood on style in the sculpture studio
  5. Elgar-johnson-workwear-itsnicethat-list Workwear Workwear: meet GQ Style's understated fashion director Elgar Johnson
  6. Paul-workwear-itsnicethat-list Workwear Workwear: animator Paul Layzell on sports and nostalgia in his style
  7. Michael-marriott-workwear-itsnicethat-list Workwear Workwear: furniture designer Michael Marriott and his utilitarian style
  8. Bethan-wood-workwear-itsnicethat-list Workwear Workwear: product designer Bethan Wood's exotic dress sense
  9. Hlb-itsnicethat-workwear-2015-list Workwear Workwear: photographer Hayley Louisa Brown on her wardrobe
  10. Workwear-camille-walala-itsnicethat-list Workwear Workwear: mural artist Camille Walala walks us through her wardrobe
  11. Jc-int-main1 Workwear Workwear: Fantastic animator Jack Cunningham on his wardrobe
  12. Simonwhybray-workwear-int-main Workwear Designer/DJ/internet man Simon Whybray's workwear
  13. Sonyadyakova-main-int Workwear Workwear: Designer Sonya Dyakova on her everyday "uniform"
  14. Yurisuzuki-int-main2 Workwear Ever wonder what an inventor/sound designer wears? Meet Yuri Suzuki
  15. Hattie-main-int Workwear Workwear: Doodler Hattie Stewart talks about the clothes that make her happiest
  16. Robryan-workwear-int Workwear Workwear: Artist Rob Ryan on the clothes he wears, and what they mean to him