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World Mental Health Day

  1. Gayatri-ganju-the-green-gang-work-photography-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day “A huge support system”: Meet India’s group of low-caste female vigilantes
  2. Veronica-mike-world-mental-health-day-opinion-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day Dare to be open, dare to be sensitive: how to shape the conversation around creative mental health
  3. Museum_of_lost_and_found_potential_speak_your_mind_exhibition_world_mental_health_day_itsnicethat2 World Mental Health Day The Museum of Lost and Found Potential uses interactive portraits to explore how mental health impacts lives
  4. Benlongden-graphicdesignismental-opinion-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day Graphic Design is Mental: Tips for looking after your state of mind as a designer
  5. Annaginsburg-whatisbeauty-animation-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day Anna Ginsburg on the mental impact of a gruelling creative process, and her mission to rebalance
  6. List World Mental Health Day Welcome to World Mental Health Day 2018 on It's Nice That
  7. Dazed-beauty-bunny-kinney-world-mental-health-day-itsnicethat-01 World Mental Health Day Be whoever you want to be: Bunny Kinney on what makes Dazed Beauty so different
  8. Art-therapy-opinion-world-mental-health-day-101018 World Mental Health Day Opinion: Art therapy gives patients a voice when there are no words
  9. Rabbits-road-press-world-mental-health-day-itsnicethat-09 World Mental Health Day Rabbits Road Press gives us a lesson in zine-making for wellbeing
  10. Matter-magazine-worldmentalhealthday2018-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day Matter is the inclusive magazine that treats brain injury with grace and good humour
  11. Josh World Mental Health Day For fashion designer Georgina Johnson strength means not being afraid to say no
  12. Stephwilson-photography-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day Steph Wilson speaks honestly about her relationship with mental health and photography
  13. Art-brut-gugging-feature-worldmentalhealthday-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day “There's no difference between artists with special needs and others”: The story of The House of Artists
  14. Yayoi-kusama-worldmentalhealthday18-feature-exhibition-itsnicethat-list2 World Mental Health Day It’s hard to think of an artist whose association with mental health is as great as Yayoi Kusama’s
  15. Janbuchzik-illustration-worldmentalhealthday-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day Jan Buchczik on how illustration helped him be at ease with himself
  16. Wmhd-list-img World Mental Health Day An illustrator and designer anonymously explain how to tackle a brief infringing on your mental health
  17. Indhira-rojas-bookshelf-world-mental-health-day-2018-itsnicethat-7 World Mental Health Day “Five books that bring me calm”: Anxy Magazine's Indhira Rojas' Bookshelf
  18. Metahaven_-_eurasia__still-list-int World Mental Health Day “Wrap facts in fictions, and fictions in facts”: Metahaven on its ICA show, Version History
  19. Tor-brandt-peace-tranquility-world-mental-health-day-itsnicethat-04 World Mental Health Day Illustrator Tor Brandt takes us to a private place of peace and tranquility
  20. Anxiety-film-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day Lily Rose Thomas and Stephen Isaac-Wilson legitimise feelings of anxiety in their short film
  21. Ionegamble-polyester-issuesix-publication-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day Polyester's Ione Gamble on covering mental health sensitively, but not coyly
  22. Scottish-mental-health-arts-festival-art-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day How Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival is helping people “reclaim” their mental health
  23. Hospital-rooms-art-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day Hospital Rooms uses visual art to spark positive change in service users
  24. Katharina-schwarz-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day Nichtsein raises awareness of the factors that contribute to suicidal thoughts
  25. Tishk-worldmentalhealthday-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day Illustrators Tishk Barzanji and Charlotte Edey discuss isolation
  26. Phoebe-lovatt-the-ww-handbook-list World Mental Health Day Phoebe Lovatt’s self-care strategies for success
  27. Rinayang-film-worldmentalhealthday-list World Mental Health Day Cinematographer Rina Yang on the art of balancing life with 12 hour working days
  28. Mh_1_list World Mental Health Day Introducing World Mental Health Day on It’s Nice That
  29. Graphicdesign_-cgdsyl-publication-itsnicethat-1 World Mental Health Day GraphicDesign& outline three projects that successfully support and impact mental wellbeing
  30. Tara-booth-illustration-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day “I never, ever thought that I’d end up sharing drawings publicly”: Tara Booth on opening up
  31. Rachellevit-worldmentalhealthday-illustration-list World Mental Health Day “Subtlety is key”: Rachel Levit on the art of illustrating sensitive themes
  32. Sian-davey-photography-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day Siân Davey on the ways psychotherapy has informed her photography
  33. Comics-youth-illustrating-futures-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day Comics Youth harnesses the power of the creative process to deal with mental health issues