Celebrating 100 issues of the It’s Nice That Weekly Comic

Over the past two years, the It’s Nice That Weekly Comic has seen 26 illustrators create 100 brilliant Instagram comics. Here we highlight just a few of our favourite moments...


12 December 2019


Back in 2017, the team here at It’s Nice That came up with a very simple, quite wonderful idea. We wanted to create a comic on Instagram and hand it over every week to one of our favourite artists or illustrators to take the reins.

Two years later, we now celebrate our 100th issue of the Weekly Comic in all its glory. From 26 illustrators, we’ve seen poignant tales of mental health, tear-jerking reflections on the future of feminism, painfully relatable stories about the creative process, and, well, just some real funny interpretations of life, love and unexpected topics.

We love the Weekly Comic, and we’re pretty sure you like it, too (610,000 Insta likes between them says it all). So, in an ode to these panelled creations, we’ve brought together just a few of our favourite Weekly Comic moments from the past two years. We’d like to do a very special shout-out to each and every illustrator, artist and designer who has contributed to the Weekly Comic – this list was a very tricky edit. You can find all 100 issues over on our Instagram channel, and enjoy many more in the year ahead.

Weekly Comic #001 by Nadine Redlich

For It’s Nice That’s very first Weekly Comic, Nadine Redlich showed us that, whilst you can’t draw blood from a stone, you can draw one heck of a cranky attitude. Remember though, never judge a rock by its geologic formation.

Weekly Comic #021 by Ruby Etc

Grab some tissues, for International Women’s Day 2017, we asked Ruby Etc to celebrate this special day in comic form and it was the ultimate tear-jerker. She transported us to the year 2186 to put gender inequality into perspective. Keep up the fight gals!

Weekly Comic #015 by Cecile Dormeau

We think maybe Cecile Dormeau watched a cheesy Christmas film followed by an episode of Embarrassing Bodies to come up with this one. Don’t get any ideas, though – a bottle of wine or some naff choccies will suffice as a gift for your gynaecologist this year.

Weekly Comic #025 by Evan Cohen

When viewing Evan Cohen’s work, we like to sit in a quiet, dimly lit space – a stick of Nag Champa burning in the corner – chanting “ommm” as we absorb his illustrated zen. This comic was no exception, and we felt all the calmer and clearer for gazing upon it.

Weekly Comic #008 by Alex Norris

A fair number of our Weekly Comics are painfully relatable, often hitting a little too close to home. Alex Norris’ blob getting a job did exactly that. Raise your hands if you too have been suckered in by that fierce, sparkly job description only to find it’s all InDesign templates and admin.

Weekly Comic #031 by Hiller Goodspeed

You’ve just bought a cute little Boston Fern to sit on your cute little bedside table. After 72 deceased leafy friends, you’re adamant that you’re not going to kill this one. Take it from Hiller Goodspeed, a thirsty plant is a sad plant – keep your babies (and yourself) hydrated.

Weekly Comic #068 by Alex Jenkins

Who else felt personally victimised by Alex Jenkins’ portrayal of Art School? Yes, we get it, art students chain-smoke, drink Red Stripe and sometimes end up as underpaid baristas. If you were lucky enough to land the internship of your dreams straight after uni, beware – your glory is bitterly resented by all your creative friends.

Weekly Comic #077 by Sujin Kim

The New Year is fast approaching, and with it comes that dreaded societal pressure for self-improvement. Don’t let it get to your head though, Sujin Kim once taught us what’s really important in life – and the answer is definitely not juice cleanses or overpriced gym memberships.

Weekly Comic #070 by Arne Bellstorf

There are those of us who are crippled by anxiety at the thought of putting our phones in Airplane mode. And then there are those of us who revel in it. Arne Bellstorf reassured us all that the latter is A-okay!

Weekly Comic #093 by Sarah Hingley

When life gives us lemons, many of us simply bust out the salt and tequila. But Sarah Hingley used them to make a super endearing series of comic delights. Her lemons – who were far sweeter than they were sour – left us all very appreciative of our nearest and dearest.

Weekly Comic #054 by Molly Fairhurst

This one time, Molly Fairhurst showed us how to do an art. Ah yes, so art. To make a good art, one must be in a state of total emotional clarity. This can be achieved by drinking 1,000 cups of coffee, taking a 59-minute nap at least once an hour and spending an unnecessary amount of time watching dog videos on Instagram.

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