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General Election 2017: 12 creatives create new work urging you to VOTE!

We’ve spent all week asking you to turn up at the polling stations but in case you missed the memo, we’ve rounded up all 12 posters into one easily accessible feature for your browsing pleasure.

Over to our final three creatives — Osheyi Adebayo, Lucy Sherston and Joy Miessi — to tell you more about the story behind their posters.

Graphic and print designer Osheyi Adebayo told us “I wanted to make a short and effective quote that symbolises the importance of how voting in this election can give people a chance to shape the future of this country. The quote ‘Vote, Have Power’ is complemented with a weighted, chromed-out type design, presented with sharp gradients and expressive colour scheme. This design process is served to imprint its statement into long-term memory as a solid reminder to vote and have a say.”

“We’ve all felt small and powerless to effect change, this is a feeling many of us are sadly all too familiar with,” Brighton-based illustrator Lucy Sherston says. “This was the concept that sparked the idea for my illustration, the notion that we can make noise by ourselves but really – for our voices to be heard the loudest – we need everyone to get involved. I wanted to convey this idea of noise with a bright cacophony of colours, conveying the deafening hum of crickets on a hot night. This is a sound I find very evocative, it reminds me of long summer evenings, full of hope for the days ahead, something I currently feel about the upcoming election (amidst occasional pangs of dread!) I wanted to represent the idea of people coming together, making noise together, and making all of our voices heard.”

Last but not least, London-based illustrator and artist Joy Miessi returns to the site with not one but two brilliant mixed media reminders to get you voting. “I wanted to keep this piece simple and focus on a clear message encouraging people to vote,” Joy explains. “I remember my first time voting, walking into a local school and seeing the gym hall filled with booths in a grid-like structure. I used reference of this memory as the focus of this illustration. At the time, I felt like my vote wouldn’t make a difference, but thinking of the bigger picture and every person’s vote collating together to form a bigger decision, I realised the importance of making my vote. In this same way of thinking, I composed scrap materials and various materials to create something bigger and this piece is the result. I want young people to realise the power they have to direct their future and to remember to vote.”

Thank you again to all our fantastic contributors who have helped It’s Nice That in our bid to get all the registered voters among you out to the polling stations today. Go and do it now.


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