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How I Got Here: Marco Velardi and Omar Sosa, Apartamento magazine


Michael Driver

In the run up to It’s Nice That’s annual symposium, Here 2016, we’ll be introducing each speaker who will appear at the event. We have asked each of them to share an early piece of work and a recent project, to reflect on how they’ve progressed between the two. This week we speak to Marco Velardi and Omar Sosa, the editor-in-chief and art director of Apartamento magazine.

Marco Velardi and Omar Sosa, together with Nacho Alegre, are the brains behind Apartamento, a magazine that bills itself as “an everyday life interiors magazine.” Each issue takes us inside some beautiful homes created by some beautiful people. Omar, an art director based in Barcelona, works closely with Marco, the Milan ­based editor-in-­chief of the mag; and himself boasts a rather lovely apartment.

The magazine’s stunning design and innovative approach to content has been something we’ve admired for a while here at It’s Nice That, and we’re looking forward to learning about the machinations of such a unique and interesting publication.


Apartamento #00 (2007)

What is the work?
This was the first ever Apartamento, which was for internal use only.
Why was it created?
We felt we wanted to test our ideas on paper, we needed to try out what was in our heads and see how it would feel, we needed to touch it and make it real.
What did you learn while doing it? 
We realised there was nothing like Apartamento out there and we felt we had found our unique way of expression.
What do you think of it now?
We truly did not have much experience in the publishing industry.
How does it relate to your current work?
It reminds us that we need to always try new things and never stop experimenting.


Apartamento #17 (2016)

What is the work?
This is the newly released issue of Apartamento out from this week.
Why was it created?
Because we love making Apartamento.
What would you tell your younger self about this work?
We never imagined we would arrive this far, which means even through hard times you should never stop experimenting and believing in your own ideas.

As well as Omar and Marco, Here 2016 speakers include illustrator Malika Favre, artist Bob and Roberta Smith, design director of The New York Times Magazine Gail Bichler and visual artist Yolanda Domínguez.

We will also be welcoming creative director at MTV Richard Turley, co-founder of Turner-prize winning collective Assemble, Joe Halligan, and photographer Nadav Kander