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International Women’s Day 2018


Laura Callaghan

It’s Nice That salutes female creativity in all its forms. On International Women’s Day, we showcase the work and opinions of an all-female cast of creatives across a range of disciplines: from filmmaking to graphic design, publishing to illustration penned by an all-female editorial team.

Look out for words of wisdom from stage designer and visual artist Es Devlin; a rare interview with The Smiling Sun creator Anne Lund on one of history’s most iconic logos; a look back at the work of Elizabeth Friedlander who was one of the first women to design a typeface; words from Grey London’s joint-CCO Caroline Pay on why we need more female leaders in the male-dominated advertising industry and an opinion piece from Tea Uglow addressing intersectionality in the creative industries among many, many more features, work and opinion pieces. Tying it all together you’ll find Laura Callaghan, the woman behind our 2018 International Women’s Day illustration.

We’re continually looking to expand our network of female creatives. If you identify as a woman and are making great work that we don’t know about, please email us.

  • Pregnant_in_the_creative_industry_opinion_international_womens_day_itsnicethat2 Work / International Women's Day What I learned, and worried about, as a pregnant woman in the creative industry

    I was never the type of woman to daydream about pushing around a pram. I guess I assumed I would one day, but that vision was in the back of my mind, far overshadowed by ambitions for my career. Since I graduated nearly ten years ago, my priority had been work – I was lucky to have very supportive parents and friends who believed, probably more than me sometimes, that I could be successful. I feel good about where I am now, as news editor at It’s Nice That. I had to fight some pretty awful bosses along the way, one who described me as having “sharp elbows” (if I were a guy that would translate as “ambitious” but that’s a whole other subject); another with an approach to gender equality like that of Sterling Cooper. But it made me tough and I gained respect. Until I got to my late 20s and the comments started coming. Subtle, seemingly harmless jokey comments from family, friends and colleagues that most women around 30 in long-term relationships would recognise. It’s baby time. If you don’t have your usual G&T at the pub, eyes flicker with gleeful suspicion. People outrightly ask you if you want to have kids, like it’s not a hugely personal and weighted life decision that will change everything.

    Jenny Brewer
  • Anna-ginsburg-what-is-beauty-cnn-animation-itsnicethat-internationalwomensday-list Work / International Women's Day From Venus de Milo to Kim Kardashian: Anna Ginsburg and CNN examine beauty through the ages

    Animation director Anna Ginsburg has created a short film for CNN in honour of International Women’s Day, examining the evolution of beauty through the ages. Starting from ancient sculpture and morphing seamlessly from figure to figure into modern day symbols such as Madonna and Kim Kardashian, the animation shows how our perceptions have changed. The constant throughout, Anna says, is the pressure on women to conform to body shape ideals, an idea that inspired the film and came from a deeply personal experience.

    Jenny Brewer