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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019

Over the past three years, we’ve taken the opportunity on International Women’s Day to devote It’s Nice That to the brilliant women who impact and inspire the creative industry. Each year the women we speak to span wholly different creative worlds. Whether they’re a photographer or an animator, someone who has worked in the industry for decades or a wide-eyed graduate, they represent the voices so often ignored but that we want to hear more from.

Even though the past year has seen a record-breaking number of women elected to the US House of Representatives, Ireland repeal the eighth amendment, the RA announce its first ever solo show by a female artist in its 250-year history, and Cardi B redefine what a strong female is by breastfeeding in a music video, female representation still falls short of the mark.

Today, in a takeover illustrated by Sara Andreasson we give our little corner of the internet over to stories about, or written by, the women that we (Lucy Bourton, Ruby Boddington and Jyni Ong) admire, aspire to be, and just generally think are fucking great.