3 October 2017
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Makings of a Man: come along to a day of life drawing with us!


3 October 2017
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Harry’s was created to be different from other brands, making high-quality grooming supplies by real guys, for real guys.

It’s Nice That and Harry’s are partnering to challenge what being “a man” actually means, by hosting a life drawing event that celebrates the diversity of the male form. Makings of a Man will see us bring together top creative talent and the It’s Nice That audience, to champion the qualities that make every man unique.

A couple of weeks ago, we invited you to apply to an open casting call for a chance to be a life model for a day, as part of our partnership with Harry’s. With just three days to go until the deadline, you can still apply to be a model here – but if you’re more into drawing than being drawn, listen up.

We’re excited to announce illustrators Josh McKenna, Alec Doherty, Cynthia Kittler, Fredrik Andersson and Juliana Futter will be joining us on the day, putting their skills to the test and capturing our life models.

In addition to the creatives, we also want to invite you guys to come along and draw in the sessions running throughout the day. So feel free to sign up to them all or just a couple – the choice is yours.

Starting from 11am, each session will be 90 minutes long, and during that time there will be two life models posing two times each. Refreshments will be provided in the breaks and materials, paper and easels will be provided – but of course, if you have a favourite pen, pencil or other drawing implement feel free to bring it along.

Places are limited so to sign up to the different sessions available, click here or see below.

Makings of a Man exhibition

The last session of the day will finish at 5:15pm, and the space will be set up for an exhibition kicking off at 6:30pm, showcasing a selection of the day’s work on the walls. Beer and wine will be fully flowing, and we’d love to have you come along.

Makings of a Man will take place at Protein Studios in Shoreditch on Tuesday 17 October. This is a day of fun and celebration, and we’re excited to welcome you. We hope to see you there!

Creatives joining us on the day

As mentioned, if you come along you’ll be drawing alongside a handful of top creatives and below is a taste of what they’ll be bringing to the day.

Alec Doherty

Known for his exaggerated forms, illustrator Alec has a knack for colour and form, creating characters that feel larger than life. We’re excited to see how he captures our models and honours their individuality.

Cynthia Kittler

Frankfurt-based Cynthia uses a subtle colour palette and fine details to capture the personality of her characters. More true to life in terms of her proportions, it will be great to see how she celebrates our models on paper.

Josh McKenna

Josh recently created a Google Allo sticker pack for Pride and one of his stickers just became a permanent fixture in the Instagram app. Josh has a great eye for capturing a variety of male forms often laced with humour and vibrant colours.

Fredrik Andersson

Recently moving to London from Sweden, Fredrik has an obsession for drawing naked men, “especially hairy men”. We’re hoping he’ll bring his cheekiness, penchant for bold colours and magnified body parts to the day.

Juliana Futter

Juliana is an illustrator and animator currently based in London and studying a master’s in visual communication at the Royal College of Art. Currently working on various freelance projects, we love Juliana’s bright, bold style that often sees her capturing the nude form.

Harry’s was created to be different from other grooming brands, standing apart from the big brands that overdesign and overcharge. Harry’s makes high quality grooming supplies that are made by real guys, for real guys.

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