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Photographer Nadav Kander joins the lineup for Here 2016

We are excited to announce that photographer Nadav Kander will be appearing at Here 2016.

Nadav is known for his exquisite portraiture and landscape photography with work present in numerous permanent collections including the National Portrait Gallery, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne and the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago. The London-based photographer won the Prix Pictet award in 2009 for his Yangtze – The Long River series and Obama’s People, a series of 52 portraits for The New York Times Magazine also created that year, received widespread acclaim. With a body of work that has appeared on everything from billboards and magazine covers to the walls of fine art galleries, Nadav’s powerful images are celebrated across the world.


Nadav Kander: Audrey lying on black lace


Nadav Kander: Michael curled with with white mouse


Nadav Kander: Chongqing XI, Chongqing Municipality


Nadav Kander: Qinghai Province II


Nadav Kander: Barack Obama


Nadav Kander: David Lynch


Nadav Kander: Keira Knightly


Nadav Kander: Toby Jones

As well as Nadav Kander, Here 2016 speakers include artist Bob and Roberta Smith, design director of The New York Times Magazine Gail Bichler, illustrator Malika Favre and visual artist Yolanda Domínguez.

We will also be welcoming creative director at MTV Richard Turley, co-founder of Turner-prize winning collective Assemble, Joe Halligan and Omar Sosa and Marco Velardi, art director and editor-in-chief of Apartamento magazine.