3 April 2020
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Need a good laugh? Here are five of the funniest Nicer Tuesdays talks

We’ve got exactly what you need on this quiet Friday morning in the form of five hilarious talks from the Nicer Tuesdays archive.


3 April 2020
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2 minute read


It’s Friday, you’re in isolation... What more could you need than a good old laugh? Well, in this article you’ll find some of the Nicer Tuesdays talks from over the years which have stuck in our mind for how much they made us chuckle. We’ve rewatched all of these many a time, and we’re sure you’ll want to too.

Peter Millard at Nicer Tuesdays in November 2019

Peter Millard

As hilarious as we’d all hoped it would be, Peter Millard’s Nicer Tuesdays talk outlining some of his bizarre animated shorts had the audience erupting with laughter. There’s not a whole lot we can say other than just watch it.

Karl Toomey at Nicer Tuesdays in January 2015

Karl Toomey

This is one we had to dig into the archives for but is one we regularly come back to. Here, senior art director Karl Toomey talks through his personal work including his Gary Goals project which caused a stir across the football world in 2014.

Anna Haifisch at Nicer Tuesdays in November 2018

Anna Haifisch

Anna Haifisch performs a comic reading as the last act at November 2018’s Nicer Tuesdays – a new format of talk we’d never had before and one that will be hard to beat. The illustrator, well known for her particular character from a series of books titled The Artist, joined us from her home in Leipzig to take us through the best of her series.

Yushi Li at Nicer Tuesdays in April 2019

Yushi Li

A Royal College of Art PhD grad, photography-focused artist Yushi Li talks through two projects, My Tinder Boys and Your Reservation is Confirmed, which sees her use her work “to explore sexual desire”.

Jon Burgerman at Nicer Tuesdays in March 2017

Jon Burgerman

Illustrator Jon Burgerman is renowned for his characterful hand-drawn doodles, and is followed by over 100,000 people on his utterly brilliant Instagram account. He hopped over from his NYC studio to tell us more about his animated experiments which use the medium of Stories.

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