Regulars / Review of the Year 2018

“What one word sums up your year?” – Our top picks from the #OneWord18 Insta Brief

At the very end of last year we asked you to think of one word which best summed up your 2018, and then incorporate your word into any form of visual to share with the world on Instagram.

With over 230 entries spanning illustration, photography, graphic design and animation, picking out our favourite images was no easy task. Below are the submissions we felt best answered the brief.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who got involved! We fully recommend you check out the full list of submissions right here.


The first word I choose to sum up 2018 is actually… two words: YANNY and LAUREL. Whether you have heard one, the other, or both, it was the black and blue/yellow and gold dress of this year. While editing the animation I heard both.

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There were some sad moments this year and there extremely exciting ones. Everything evened out and overall 2018 was a happy year.

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Busy year. Made a lot of beats and visual projects most of which unfinished. Found the process itself more rewarding I guess though. Maybe I’ll actually finish something this year :^).


My #OneWord18 is tschick – Austrian for cigarette. First of all, this year started with a trip to Graz which basically changed everything. It turns out that an evening with some wine and tschick were the beginning of something pretty great! Secondly, it reminds me of all the wonderful evenings this year, hanging with friends. Last but not least, I quit smoking (again). Let’s see how it goes next year!



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My word is EGGS. In 2018 I ate a lot of eggs.

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2018 was the year I started to understand the term ‘$€LF-WORTH’ so it’s the first word that sprang to mind when I started drawing something. I have worked on some incredible projects this year. I’ve also walked away from a lot of work that wasn’t right for me & felt stronger for doing so. It’s hard when you’re freelance to not worry about the next job, the next invoice, your rent, but saying no can feel so good!


I went through a few words thinking about this but then realised this was so obvious and perfect – 2018 has been b a n a n a s.

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