31 May 2018

Made you look – introducing Printed Pages SS18


31 May 2018


Today’s the day: Printed Pages SS18 is officially available to order. As always, our curated view of the best creative work we’ve seen in the past six months also includes a host of feature interviews with a list of names who are currently making their mark on the creative world.

As an online-first publisher, It’s Nice That watches the world around us change at constant and rapid rate: a factor our acting editor, Bryony Stone, discussed with Edel Rodriguez when she travelled to Cape Town in February of this year. The Cuban-born, American-raised illustrator, is well known for his magazine covers depicting Trump, many of which have become icons of protest around the world. His cover illustration for Printed Pages SS18 channels this, depicting a series of eyes tracking the artist’s name and the cover line “made you look”. “The key is to be honest,” he told us when we spoke to him about going viral, “to put down what you actually feel, the disgust you may have, the anger, and the outrage.”

Activism and using creativity as a voice for positive change is a theme that echoes throughout Printed Pages SS18. In a rare interview, we speak to Anne Lund, the creator of The Smiling Sun – an iconic logo synonymous with the fight for a world powered by renewable energy. We also catch up with London-based photographer Eliza Hatch, who is using her camera to tackle street harassment in her ongoing series Cheer Up Luv.

It’s the plethora of ambitious voices – not just the ones who shout the loudest – that make this issue so exciting. We sat down with Eddie Peake in the lead up to his recent show Concrete Pitch, facilitate a conversation between illustrators Malika Favre, Ram Han, Martina Paukova and Miranda Tacchia on WhatsApp and chat to two of the art world’s most distinguished figures, Gilbert and George, about the meaning of life.

Running alongside these features is a series of vivid and eclectic illustrations and photography by exciting creatives such a Hollie Fernando, Nina Manandhar, Thomas Hedger and Alice Tye. Each of their contributions has been specially commissioned by It’s Nice That’s in-house creative team and accompanies interviews with stage designer to the stars Es Devlin, graphic design duo Sagmeister & Walsh, pioneer of street photography Joel Meyerowitz, New Yorker cartoonist Joost Swarte and performance artist Tehching Hsieh. Elsewhere in the issue, we celebrate the life and work of American Roman Catholic nun-turned-artist Corita Kent, and Pentagram partner Natasha Jen pens an opinion piece for us on the flaws of design thinking.

Printed Pages SS18 also includes a commissioned print by renowned illustrator Jean Jullien and Nuclear Power No Thanks stickers by Anne Lund.

Buy a copy of the magazine and goodies all for £10 + P&P on Company of Parrots.

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