Regulars / Review of the Year 2015

Review of the Year 2015: Top 10 Talks

Across Nicer Tuesdays and Here more than 2,400 people have attended our events this year. Gathered here are some of the highlights with presentations from some of the most charismatic, celebrated and entertaining personalities in the industry.

1. Annie Atkins, Here 2015

Annie Atkins is a graphic designer for film, whose most notable (and seemingly time consuming) project was working with Wes Anderson on The Grand Budapest Hotel. At Here 2015, she took us through her experiences working on the film’s graphic elements, from Nazi-inspired business cards to painstakingly designed and written newspapers.

2. Mr Bingo, Nicer Tuesdays 2015

In January’s humour themed Nicer Tuesdays, Mr. Bingo talks us through his amazing portfolio of work and ended the talk with a rap on stock photography.

3. Mike Alderson, Here 2015

Mike Alderson is a straight-talking creative director and one half of the brilliant motion design agency ManvsMachine. At Here 2015, his talk explored the agency’s work, his fascinating path into the design world and the nuances of running such a forward-thinking studio.

4. Iain Tait, Here 2015

Ad and digital whiz-kid Iain Tait has worked with clients including Coke, Nike, Levi’s and Old Spice. At Here 2015, he delivered a superb talk on the best ways to work with digital, and how to do so without being behind the times before you’ve even got past the pitch stage. Content is king, he told us. Amen to that.

5. Craig Oldham, Nicer Tuesdays 2015

In July’s books themed Nicer Tuesdays, northern graphic designer Craig Oldham discusses his new publication, In Loving Memory of Work.

6. Matilda Tristram, Nicer Tuesdays 2015

In January’s humour themed Nicer Tuesdays, Matilda Tristram the illustrator and comic artist talked us through her raw and poignant but enduringly-humorous comic Probably Nothing.

7. Studio Swine, Nicer Tuesdays 2015

In August’s failure themed Nicer Tuesdays, Designs of The Year-nominated Studio Swine talked us through the benefits of embracing failure within their work.

8. Karl Toomey, Nicer Tuesdays 2015

In January’s humour themed Nicer Tuesdays, senior art director at INT Works Karl Toomey discussed his personal projects including Gary Goals, which caused a big stir across the football world in 2014.

9. Alex Chinneck, Nicer Tuesdays 2015

In May’s public art themed Nicer Tuesdays, artist Alex Chinneck ran through his incredible portfolio of contemporary public art pieces.

10. Darryl Clifton, Nicer Tuesdays 2015

In September’s art school themed Nicer Tuesdays, Design Programme Leader and Course Director, Darryl Clifton, plotted a timeline of how art school has changed over the years.

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