21 December 2016

Review of the Year 2016: Thank You


21 December 2016


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What. A. Year. Over the last 12 months, It’s Nice That has published over 2,400 articles, hosted 12 Nicer Tuesdays, thrown parties, welcomed 750 delegates and ten speakers to our conference Here, created two issues of Printed Pages, tweeted more than 13,000 times, posted over 600 Instagram posts, held workshops around the UK, made one book and attended countless events. It’s an immense pleasure to be able to publish so much great work on a daily basis – it’s something that we take extremely seriously and are looking to develop and stretch in 2017.

The end of the year is a time of reflection and many media outlets will focus on the unexpected political and social upheavals that came as a shock to most over the last 12 months. At It’s Nice That we have seen the effect this has had on so many of you and the work you produce. It’s often said that in times of uncertainty, creative ideas thrive. Looking back, it’s obvious that the EU referendum and US election caused moments of pause in the creative industries and have reaffirmed why creating positive work is so vital.

Fundamentally, It’s Nice That is about good ideas, the people who have them and how ideas come to be in the world. The publication is founded on the principle that creativity makes things better and we are committed to that idea. We also believe that we have a responsibility to bring the work we publish to the widest possible audience – something we strive to do. None of our achievements this year would be possible without the support and loyalty of our readers and contributors. Each day we are sent countless submissions spanning a huge range of disciplines. We look to provide an inspiring, engaging and broad overview of the creative work produced in the world. Through the website, printed publications, events and social media we hope the positive spirit in which we do this permeates far and wide. We hope that you are inspired to create and to do things better.

Keep introducing yourselves to us at events and parties. And please do keep reading the site. Whatever the next year holds, we will be bringing you the best and most interesting ideas that we encounter and discover.

From all of the It’s Nice That Team, thanks for your support this year. I’d like to thank the entire team here in London for their efforts that have seen unprecedented success across all aspects of our operation.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Owen Pritchard

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Owen Pritchard

Owen joined It’s Nice That as Editor in November of 2015 leading and overseeing all editorial content across online, print and the events programme, before leaving in early 2018.

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