Apply for The Graduates 2018, now open to global applicants for the first time!


Each year as university graduates hand in their final assignments, begin building degree shows and place orders for their cap and gowns, we have our own graduation class too. The It’s Nice That Graduates celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, and if you have graduated or are graduating from an undergraduate creative course (bachelor’s or equivalent) in 2018 we want to hear from you!

Considering it’s been ten years, we’ve decided it was time to step it up a notch. We’re happy to announce The Graduates 2018 is open to global applicants, from anywhere in the world, on any creative course. 2018 has seen some frightening change in the world: the UK is leaving the EU, Donald Trump is attempting to close US borders to many, and communities worldwide are becoming increasingly divided; so we want It’s Nice That to be as open and inclusive as possible.

The search is now on! We’re on the lookout for the greatest young talent at the very beginning of their careers. We want projects full of personality, ones that develop from an original idea and are executed thoughtfully, details below and you can submit your application here.

Each of the winning Graduates are hand-picked by the It’s Nice That team and will receive:

- an interview on It’s Nice That about your work

- a prime slot on the homepage on our dedicated one-day Graduates takeover

- a chance to seek helpful advice and guidance from the It’s Nice That team and become part of our network

Applications are now open and will close on Monday 25 June 2018. In the next few weeks we’ll be publishing a number of advice articles on portfolios, CVs, internships, freelance life and more to lend a helping hand to any graduates this year. These can all be found on the It’s Nice That Graduates homepage here.

Things to know before you enter

- Work submitted must be the product of an individual portfolio, as opposed to a partnership or collective

- We prefer evidence of work that isn’t bound by commercial or previous competition briefs. We want to see work that has authorship and original to you!

- All entries of portfolios can either be submitted as a website link or a downloadable PDF up to 20 MB. We cannot open WeTransfer links, Hightail or Dropbox folders

- Applicants must have graduated from an undergraduate course (bachelor’s or equivalent) in 2018

Remember: the deadline for entries is midnight GMT on 25 June.

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