The return of the hovering art director: we asked comic artist Nadine Redlich to peer inside agency life


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It’s Nice That has partnered with Adobe Stock on a series of articles that examine and celebrate the role of art directors and creatives across the industry. Over the coming weeks we will be providing an insight into what makes them tick, how they can help you to develop your career and what it is they do all day…

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? If you spend your days tight in the bosom of the creative industry, you might find that scopaesthesia, also known as “the psychic staring effect”, is an all-too-familiar feeling. We asked cartoonist Nadine Redlich to turn her wryly comic gaze to agencies everywhere to shine a light on the inner workings on these creative powerhouses.

Hovering art directors best beware as Nadine pokes gentle fun at the backseat drivers, from those who want to go through every possible shade of off-white before circling back to the first option with a resounding “yes”; to those who just can’t keep their itchy palms off the computer mouse; to an undeclared presence skulking in the shadows. Also under the microscope is the ubiquitous industry uniform of pin-rolled jeans and trainers topped off with a daring flash of ankle and the eyebrow-raising ratio of salary to “real” work done…

Over to you, Nadine!

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