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44 Flavours designs floating stage at German festival Watt En Schlick Fest


This weekend, Berlin-based duo Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle, also known as 44 Flavours, made an appearance at German festival Watt En Schlick Fest where they brought their signature colour-clashing aesthetic to a music stage.

The installation, known as Floß stage, took the form of a box-like floating platform on which artists could perform to viewers watching from the comfort of nearby land. Made of wood, the stage was decorated with 44 Flavours’ signature abstract motifs executed playfully in a jaunty rainbow of eye-catching colours, presumably using the offcuts and waste matter for which the pair have become known.

“We spent an amazing time at this magic place and feel to be part of the family now! Special thanks to Till, David and all the many people that helped to make this happen!” the pair noted on their Instagram page.