A24 and Matty Matheson join for cookbook of cinema’s most upsetting meals

Scrounging is about last-ditch cinematic meals that are so wrong, they’re right again.

20 June 2023

In The Breakfast Club, Allison’s Pixie Stix and Cap'n Crunch sandwich is arguably just as memorable as Bender’s celebratory fist pump. It may not be as iconic an image – we’ll give you that – but the slap of discarded baloney against the wall and the sound of Pixie Stix sticks with you, sweet tooth or not. A24’s latest publication is a cookbook inspired by these kinds of moments from cinema.

The text rounds up a total of 54 recipes of “scroungy comfort foods”, says a release. The recipes were devised by writer-editor Margaret Rhodes, James Cartwright and Jon Dieringer; food styling comes from NYT Cooking contributor Sue Li. Scrounging also features an introduction from Matty Matheson, who unpacks the history of this laid-back, relatable style of cooking in cinema. Photography is by Wade and Leta.

Back of the pantry meal ideas, strange flavour combinations and a total rejection for good taste is the aim of the game here. The Apartment’s tennis racket spaghetti, The Martian’s baked potato with Vicodin and Home Alone’s 12-scoop ice cream sundae are among the recipes to be found in the book. There’s also favourites from Brennan (Step Brothers) and Kip (Napoleon Dynamite) and, of course, Buddy’s candy-covered spaghetti from Elf – complete with Pop Tarts.

The cookbook follows up from A24’s Horror Caviar, a more intense but arguably no less appetising release, full of dishes and drinks inspired by films like Midsommar and The Shining.

GalleryA24 Press: Scrounging: A Cookbook, photography by Wade and Leta. Food design by Sue Li. (Copyright © A24 Press, 2023)

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A24 Press: Scrounging: A Cookbook, photography by Wade and Leta. Food design by Sue Li. (Copyright © A24 Press, 2023)

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