Superfocus is a new app that wants you to stay on top of your creative endeavours

24 January 2019

Most of you reading this will by now have read Anne Helen Petersen’s Buzzfeed essay How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation. You might even have read one of the rebukes and rebuttals to Anne’s piece about why so many of us feel so anxious, tired, and exhausted 24/7.

We get the sense that one of our Review of the Year 2018 stars, LA-based designer Adi Goodrich, has spent a lot of time dwelling on the ideas that circulate around the concept of “Millennial Burnout” and how the sensations that many of us seem to carry around like a Battenwear backpack full of breezeblocks affect us here in the creative world.

Conceived and designed by Sing-Sing, the creative studio that Adi runs with long-term collaborative partner Sean Pecknold, Superfocus is a new desktop and mobile app which, Sing-Sing says, is “for visualising the things you want to do.” It adds that, “it’s designed to reduce the noise of today’s technology and help you remember what you want to do and who you want to be.”

Put simply, the pair sees it as: “A goal setting app to help you visualise your life.” As you’d expect from an app put together by two designers, the promotional material around Superfocus — and the app itself for that matter — is a pleasing aesthetic experience, all calming new age twinkles and flashes of energetic and inspiring colour.

“As visual thinkers, we craved a calm and beautiful place to see everything we wanted to do… our dream projects for the year… alongside our weekly to-dos,” says Sing-Sing.

Adi tells us, “it seems everyone makes apps to fit into the lives of as many people as possible, big companies with big teams. The app we made feels like it’s made by artists, for artists. There is no chat, connections, invitations or reminders, because, frankly, freelance designers in their studios don’t really need that.”

Like any app that claims to bolster productivity and creativity, it is down to you, the user, to actually enact the changes that might help you feel less burnt out come Thursday morning each week.

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