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The AM4 project by adidas tailors shoes to the unique personalities of six cities


Adidas AM4LDN

In a landmark moment for the brand’s new Speedfactory facility, adidas is launching the adidas Made For London (AM4LDN) as the first shoe in a series of individually designed and manufactured shoes for six key cities around the world.

Each shoe in the AM4 series will be designed at the adidas Speedfactory – a hyper-flexible factory that can be placed anywhere in the world, enabling consumers to co-create in innovative ways across multiple platforms with instant, speedy results.

Currently, in Ansbach, Germany and with a second factory opening soon in Atlanta, USA, Speedfactory aims to completely revolutionise how adidas creates by allowing the brand to tailor designs to local consumers. As well as providing a means to create products that are unique to the fit and function of its audience, this new method of production allows adidas to push the boundaries of how quickly an idea can materialise and be placed “on the shelf”.

As the first global project of Speedfactory, the AM4 series features bespoke shoes made specifically for London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York City, Tokyo and Shanghai. For the AM4LDN, adidas has worked closely with a group of commuter runners to create a shoe tailored to the unique idiosyncrasies and demands of the city. Every shoe produced will be fine-tuned to ensure optimum levels of flex, stretch, support and cushioning.

Adidas stated that “with Speedfactory, we don’t just have a product, we have an enabler for never-ending creativity and ultimate tailoring. Through the Speedfactory approach and the brand obsession with an athlete’s game, every adidas consumer will be able to co-create unique and personal products where they want, when they want and how they want.” AM4PAR, the shoe created for Paris, will follow the AM4LDN launch, along with AM4LA, AM4NYC, AM4TKY and AM4SHA all launching in 2018.


Speedfactory technicians at work


Speedfactory Ansbach


Automated production at Speedfactory


AM4 Boost outsole units being fault checked


AM4 TPU taping


Laser cutting of the AM4 Primeknit upper