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AIGA and Google launch inaugural Design Census


Google and AIGA has launched its inaugural Design Census. The survey aims to uncover the economic, social and cultural factors that are shaping creative practice today. The 50-question poll is free and open to all with the intention that the findings “will ultimately empower the design community to take charge of its professional development and happiness.” It covers topics ranging from salary to work habits, lifestyle, education, professional development, and beyond. The data gathered from the survey will be published next year when designers will be invited to interpret and visualise the results, which will then be exhibited in an online gallery.

“We are delighted to partner with Google to make data about designers open to everyone. Our hope is to provide information that the global design community will use to illuminate their options and advance the value of design and designers in government, business, media, education, and across sectors,” says Julie Anixter, executive director of AIGA.

“Google Design is a proud partner in the creation of the Design Census, an open effort to better understand our industry, practices, and community. By making today’s design information accessible to all, we hope that we can make more informed decisions about design tomorrow,” says Jonathan Lee, creative director of Google.

You can learn more and participate in the survey here.