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Alasdair McLellan shoots avant-garde cinema icon Agnes Varda for The Gentlewoman


In news, that’ll have cinephiles around the world grinning with idiot glee, top-tier photographer Alasdair McLellan has been assigned by The Gentlewoman to shoot a series of portraits of a genuine icon of European avant-garde cinema, the ever-wonderful Agnes Varda.

The shoot, a photo from which will plaster the next edition of the “fabulous magazine for modern women of style and purpose,” looks like it’ll be as full of vim and vigour as its subject. Agnes, who has directed 23 feature films, and is best known for movies such as her new wave classic Cléo de 5 à 7 and 2000’s critically acclaimed The Gleaners and I, a crop-heavy documentary about the titular foragers.

Showing off one of the best bowl cuts in showbiz, the feature sees Agnes interviewed by Holly Brubach, and if the profile is anywhere near as good as Alisdair’s typically dazzling imagery, we’ll be sure that even the most ardent cinema buffs will find time to put the popcorn down, pause the Pasolini boxset, and head down to the nearest newsagent to pick up the magazine when it hits shelves on 13 September.