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Alice Cooper discovers original Andy Warhol silkscreen he’d forgotten about since the 70s


Andy Warhol: Little Electric Chair
Courtesy Alice Cooper

Singer Alice Cooper has revealed he recently discovered an original Andy Warhol silkscreen he forgot he had been given in 1974. According to Artnet news Alice’s then-girlfriend Cindy Langa gave him the print of Little Electric Chair, which has since been kept rolled up in a tube in a temperature-controlled Los Angeles storage facility, and was forgotten about until a few years ago.

Cindy reportedly paid $2,500 for the unsigned print dated from 1964-65, from Warhol’s Death and Disaster series. Since rediscovering it, Alice has been in discussions with art dealers about valuing the work. In 2015 another Little Electric Chair print auctioned at Christie’s for $11.6m, but that edition was issued by the Andy Warhol Foundation, which Alice’s print is not. Other prints of this nature could sell for around $10,000.

Despite not being signed, dealer Richard Polsky told Artnet: “Everything checked out. Alice and Andy were good friends in the early 70s… Alice went to Studio 54 with Andy on many occasions.”