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Anthony Burrill and a team of students build new pavilion at one of Barcelona’s best design schools


Elisava, Eugene Bach, Anthony Burrill: 3kms (Via Elisava)

For the past few years now, designer Anthony Burrill has been jetting off to Barcelona to lead an early summer workshop at Elisava, one of the city’s most prominent design schools.

This year’s session saw 40 of the school’s students given just five days to gift the institute’s terrace with a brand new pavillion, set to be used by students and faculty alike as a multipurpose space which can accommodate pedagogic experiences just as readily as it can the eating of post-seminar sandwiches.

Elisava describes the new pavilion as a space that “teaches the school’s students about the power of simplicity and strength of teamwork.”

The students worked with both Anthony and Spanish architect Eugeni Bach on 3kms, named after the length of all the timber used in the construction of the structure had it been laid out in a nice neat row for all us wood fetishists to admire.

Eugene oversaw the raw architectural work and the graphic designers in the cohort worked alongside Anthony to conjure up panels that reside on the pavilion’s upper section.

Talking about the workshop, Anthony says: “The project has given the students a hands-on experience that they would not normally have on their design course.”

Speaking collectively Anthony and Eugene state that “a workshop that allows the students to build a full-scale project that they can use for the next two months is a really valuable learning opportunity.”

The timber’n’MDF structure, which formed part of the student’s programme of coursework, will be disassembled in two months time.


Elisava, Eugene Bach, Anthony Burrill: 3kms (Via Elisava)


Elisava, Eugene Bach, Anthony Burrill: 3kms (Via Elisava)


Elisava, Eugene Bach, Anthony Burrill: 3kms (Via Elisava)


Elisava, Eugene Bach, Anthony Burrill: 3kms (Via Elisava)