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Director Christopher Hewitt tells boxer Anthony Joshua’s life story in 90 seconds for Lucozade


Valenstein and Fatt (the creative agency formerly known as Grey London), has released a 90-second advert charting the rise of boxer Anthony Joshua for Lucozade. Directed by Christopher Hewitt, the short, titled Nobody moves forward by standing still, follows Anthony’s upbringing, his well-documented brushes with the law, his work as a bricklayer and his career as a fighter. “A chronicle of his life, it is a beautiful portrayal of how his innate desire to keep moving forward has put him at the top of his game,” says the agency.

The spot has been released ahead of the high-profile fight between Anthony and Vladimir Klitschko on Saturday and builds upon Lucozade’s long running Made to Move campaign. It will be the final advert to air before the sell-out bout at Wembley Stadium.

“Anthony’s story takes the Made to Move platform we created with Lucozade Sport to an entirely new level, taking us on an extremely personal journey with one of the greatest boxers alive today – if not the greatest,” stays Leo Rayman, CEO at Valenstein and Fatt. “The shape and level of work we produced for Lucozade Sport here is testament to the benefits of close, longstanding client/agency relationships. It fundamentally led to this being so much more than just another campaign for a sports drink, it’s a transformational idea — a philosophy even — that has been driven right through the heart of the Lucozade Sport business. These are the kinds of ideas that immerse brands in the white hot core of culture, something we are incredibly proud to put our name on here at Valenstein & Fatt.”


Valenstein and Fatt: Nobody moves forward by standing stil


Valenstein and Fatt: Nobody moves forward by standing stil


Valenstein and Fatt: Nobody moves forward by standing stil