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Aphex Twin soundtracks new ad for Department of Transport’s THINK!



The Department of Transport’s road safety initative THINK! has released a new advert. Soundtracked by Aphex Twin’s hit Windowlicker, Pink Kittens tells the story of a driver’s journey down a short stretch of road, showing all the many things he missed while staring at his smartphone for a matter of seconds.

Pink Kittens makes use of 100 pink kittens using real life followed by a slow motion reveal with the intention of educating young drivers about the dangers of even light mobile phone use while driving. Pink Kittens will run online and on social media, and in cinemas.

The impactful advert was created by director duo We Are From LA, who were behind the video for Pharrell Williams’ track Happy which, at the time of writing, had 984,723,154 views on YouTube, and conceptualised by AMVBBDO.

It is not the first time Aphex Twin has lent a track to a car advert. Back in 2004, the artist lent his track to Mercedes Benz for this advert.