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Jeremy Deller and David Sims explore Neolithic sites of interest in new immersive exhibition


Aries/Jeremy Deller/David Sims: Wiltshire B4 Christ

At times it can feel like London is little more than branches of Betfred, overpriced brunches, and an endless batch of just-opened “immersive experiences”.

Given that we don’t tend to cover gambling — even if the in-office fantasy football league has really begun to heat up after the festive period — and brunch is something we’ll happily leave to other online publishers, you perhaps won’t be surprised to read that we’re bringing you news of a collaborative, and immersive, project taking place at 180 The Strand in the next few weeks.

Wiltshire B4 Christ — a strong contender for “exhibition name of the year” — sees recent Desert Island Discs guest Jeremy Deller hooking up with fashion photography mainstay David Sims and the cooler-than-thou clothing label Aries for an exploration of mysticism and pagan symbology.

An allegedly “particularly British exploration of identity, time and place,” the show features photographs taken at Neolithic sites of interest, large scale murals, a “projection tunnel” (whatever that is), and a new film by Jeremy Deller himself.

Showing at The Store X,180 The Strand, London from 16 January until 27 January, Wiltshire B4 Christ mega-fans can treat themselves to exclusive tees, sweats, shirts, socks, blankets, stickers and other bits and bobs that have emerged from the freshly created and curated hivemind that is Deller, Sims, and Aries.

Rather than being an opportunity to make a decent bit of cash in the gift shop, we’re told that, “the exhibition will also feature the collection and merchandise as artefact, blurring the lines between the past and present and presenting product as the merchandise of the
exhibition concept.”

A book accompanying the exhibition, presented as a guide to the Neolithic sites of Britain, featuring aerial maps of the sites featured in the show, as well as diagrams, illustrations, and images of ancient artefacts from the area, will be available to purchase also.


Aries/Jeremy Deller/David Sims: Wiltshire B4 Christ


Aries/Jeremy Deller/David Sims: Wiltshire B4 Christ


Aries/Jeremy Deller/David Sims: Wiltshire B4 Christ