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Barbara Kruger to release 50,000 MetroCards in alleged response to Supreme


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American conceptual artist Barbara Kruger is famed for her iconic graphic images, sporting white on red Futura text in slogans such as “I shop therefore I am”. Her bold lettering has adorned buses, albums and even the naked body of Kim Kardashian on the cover of W Magazine. The artist’s next venture sees her partnering with Performa 17 to release 50,000 limited edition New York MetroCards stating questions like “who speaks?”, “who is housed?”, “who is silent?”, and “whose values?” in the artist’s signature style.

Many are speculating that the move may be a response to fashion and skate brand Supreme, who released its own branded MetroCard earlier this year. She previously referred to the brand as “a ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers,” amid a lawsuit that saw Supreme attempting to sue a design label for appropriating its logotype.

Barbara’s cards will be randomly distributed between four subway stations: Queensboro Plaza, Broadway-Lafayette Street, East Broadway and 116th Street on the B and C lines. The partnership with New York-based biennial Performa 17 also sees the artist reclaiming her signature style by taking over the LES skatepark under the Manhattan Bridge, as well as two billboards on 17th Street and 10th Avenue. The ribbon cutting event took place in New York today (1 November) at 10am. The branded skate park, periphery walls and stairwell will be on display until 19 November.


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