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Barbara Kruger’s latest cover of New York Magazine explores Trump and Putin’s relationship


Barbara Kruger has designed the most recent cover of New York Magazine in a continuation of her political work for the publication.

Having previously emblazoned the cover with the word “LOSER” over a photo of President Donald Trump’s face in October of 2016, this week’s issue of the biweekly magazine sees the artist swapping the first letter of Trump and Vladimir Putin’s names to read “Prump, Tutin”.

The imagery was created in response to Jonathan Chait’s article which features in the issue outlining a theory of Trump’s collusion with Russia: “that he’s been influenced by a hostile foreign power for decades”.

“I think the scandal is deeper and worse than most people understand — even people who follow the news closely,” the writer explains. Kruger’s accompanying artwork finishes with the words “Will Trump meet his counterpart – or his handler?”