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Beck sources clips from artists’ Instagrams for latest video


Sam Cannon for Beck’s Wow

Beck’s latest music video is a collage of clips sourced from various visual artists on Instagram. The video for single Wow, directed by the musician himself together with Grady Hall, brings together short videos by exciting creatives such as Sam Cannon, Randy Cano, Andy Gregg, David McLeod, John McLaughlin and Steve Smith.

The video combines footage of Beck performing on a busy motorway, spliced with random clips such as Sam Cannon’s eerie film of an eyeball blinking inside a rose, Randy Cano’s melting thumbs-up hand, David McLeod’s globular digital forms and John McLaughlin’s big-eyed furry characters. Cowboys, headbangers and a young dance troupe also feature in Grady and Beck’s part of the video.

On Andy Gregg’s Instagram, the artist explains he was asked by Beck’s production team to contribute some of his artwork to the video, for which the concept was “a music video art gallery”. All contributing artists are credited and linked to on the video.

In June we spoke to artist Jimmy Turrell on his lyric video for the song, which he worked on with Bráulio Amado and Antonio Vicentini. Watch his talk from Nicer Tuesdays here.


Beck and Grady Hall: Wow


Andy Gregg for Beck’s Wow


Beck and Grady Hall: Wow