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Agency BMB celebrates Back to the Future Day with a 1985 version of their website


It is officially Back to the Future Day today (21 October), the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to in the classic sequel Back to the Future II. To celebrate advertising agency BMB – who’s worked with big brands including Batiste, Pom-Bear and Microsoft – has put up a 1985 version of the its website for one day only.

Using arcade machines, Ceefax and ZX Spectrums as inspiration, the website is garishly coloured, full of nostalgic nods like the alien on the Space Raiders crisp packet and even has the characteristic slow loading time harking back to pre-fibre optic broadband days. So pop on your self-tying shoes, grab your hoverboard and reminisce.


BMB: 1985 website


BMB: 1985 website


BMB: 1985 version