An exclusive look at Boiler Room’s new series of short films, Science of Sound

3 July 2018

A new series of short films titled Science of Sound made by Boiler Room launches tomorrow and the first episode is shown exclusively at It’s Nice That today.

The series explores ‘Reverb’ with composer Caterina Barbieri in an explainer format using graphics, sumptuous visuals that represent wet and dry sounds, and simplified jargon to explain the thrill of a reverberation in electronic music. The second episode with Warp Records’ Lorenzo Senni explore the benefits of adding ‘Delay’ while the third model gets into the nitty gritty of ‘Distortion’ with producer Not Waving.

Speaking to It’s Nice that, Boiler Room’s Dan Canetti says, “I’d been watching Look Around You and a bunch of pulpy sci fi films like Altered States, Tetsuo the Iron Man and Scanners – and wanted to try bringing those two sensibilities together.”

“I guess my intention was to end up with something presented as an educational format about sound and physics (rooted in the aesthetics of the dodgy old science VHS tapes that used to be shown in U.K classrooms) that descends into a CGI strewn, digital psychedelic kind of set up. We licensed Stereoscopic Optical Overdrive by Yoshi Sodeoka, he makes really intense analogue feeling neo-psychedelic video pieces – it appears on some of the TV shots and is projected onto Lorenzo and Caterina’s faces."

Senni, producer Not Waving and Barbieri all feature new material in the shorts, as they reappropriate a classic explainer format into a playful episodes, shot on 16mm film and spilt into three chapters, or ‘modules’.

Science of Sound is in collaboration with speaker brand Genelec and launches on Weds. You can watch the first episode, titled Module No.1: Delay with Lorenzo Senni exclusively on It’s Nice That below.

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