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Boudica Films addresses industry sexual harassment with a code of conduct


Image via Boudica Films

Finance and production company Boudica Films, which aims to increase the number of women working in film and the number of stories led by female protagonists, have announced a trio of measures to tackle film industry sexism highlighted by allegations made against Hollywood producers and actors which led to the #metoo social media uprising.

Along with a “No Predators” badge, the Oxford-based company has formulated a code of conduct and launched a free initial legal advice service for the use of "any film professional who has experienced sexual harassment, abuse or assault.”

The “No Predators” badge will be worn by the crew — which is at least 50% female — on Boudica’s films. “The badge and the code of conduct are reminders that predatory behaviour will not be tolerated,” explains Boudica Director Ian Davies. “It’s very important that the experiences of women and men in the #metoo campaign are not forgotten.”

Boudica’s crew will also be encouraged to sign the code of conduct. Furthermore, Boudica has partnered with anti-discrimation law firm Equal Justice solicitors for the campaign. The law firm has committed to providing helpline through which they will give free initial legal advice to actors who have encountered sexual harassment in professional settings.

Boudica Director Rebecca Long explains: “We wanted to do something positive which may reduce the number of these instances. It’s completely unacceptable that women should be in this position and it’s been deeply disturbing to hear how widespread and common sexual harassment, bullying and sexual assault actually is in the film industry.”