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James Joyce, Natasha Law, Kate Moross and more create new work for Breed’s tenth anniversary


James Joyce: 10

London-based creative agency Breed has commissioned eleven new artworks to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Each of the selected artists was asked to interpret the landmark birthday in their unique style and are intended to act as an inspiring incentive to continue to open doors, push at creative boundaries and spread a little beauty, colour and mischief throughout the next [ten years]”

The ten contributing artists are Andy Gilmore, Anna Bu Kliewer, Craig & Karl, Danny Sangra, James Joyce, Kate Moross, MASA, Matt Blease, Natasha Law, Neal Murren, Paula Castro and Steven Wilson. “They all have their own very distinct styles and personalities, which makes them all inspirational in different ways,” says Olivia Triggs, founder of Breed. “Every day there’s something new that makes me see and think of things differently, from very graphic works, to more conceptual, to 3D, to an older style of illustration. And because the artists all have such unique styles, they attract a very diverse range of clients as well.”

Founded in 2007, Breed is a creative agency that represents a select number of creatives working across the disciplines of art, photography and illustration. Over the past ten years it has worked with clients the world over providing editorial illustration, creating book and magazine covers, developing ad campaigns and exhibitions and more.


Matt Blease: 10


Paula Castro: 10


Andy Gilmore: 10


Anna Bu Kliewer: 10


Craig and Karl: 10


Danny Sangra: 10


Kate Moross: 10


MASA: 10


Natasha Law: 10


Steven Wilson: 10