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Anonymous Israeli art collective Broken Fingaz directs highly political animation for U2


Anonymous Israeli artist collective Broken Fingaz has directed a politically charged animated music video for U2. The stop motion video for Get Out of Your Own Way applies the collective’s signature psychedelic pop style to entirely paper cut scenery, depicting contentious imagery. In one notable scene, Ku Klux Klan members march outside the Oval Office to the backdrop of a rainbow, as Donald Trump watches.

“The video addresses the current political situation,” says Broken Fingaz. “2017 for us was the year fascists worldwide felt confident enough to raise their heads again, encouraged by Trump and other world leaders, who use people’s fear to build more walls and segregation. The song is both a personal letter and a clarion cry to the global situation.” The collective worked with editor Adam Albo on the animation.

The group was founded in 2001 and is known for its street art and large-scale prints, and considered controversial in Israel for its social commentary. Its work has recently become more political since the 50 year anniversary of the 1967 Israel-Arab war, such as Making the occupation cute which the group explained was “created to ‘celebrate’ 50 years of occupation”.


Broken Fingaz: U2, Get Out of Your Own Way


Broken Fingaz: U2, Get Out of Your Own Way


Broken Fingaz: U2, Get Out of Your Own Way


Broken Fingaz: U2, Get Out of Your Own Way