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BT debuts a simple but effective new corporate identity


BT (Via Red&White)

When telecoms giant BT rolled out a simpler-than-thou new logo in May 2019, the reaction was somewhat muted.

The new look – the letters “BT” plonked inside a white circle – even took flak from discount retailer Poundland, which took to social media to gently lambast the three-years-in-the-making work carried out by London-based studio Red&White.

That logo formed part of a new full corporate identity system that’s been launched to celebrate BT’s 50th birthday, and is available to view in full online now.

Speaking to Design Week, Red&White creative director Paul Franklin states that the graphic overhaul is intended to demonstrate that BT is “a tech brand, not just a telecoms brand.”

Intended to explain and explore what Design Week describes as the company’s “more holistic” services – including a cybersecurity HQ, digital skills programmes, and a commitment to using 100 per cent renewable electricity across the globe by 2020 – the identity isn’t afraid to keep things relatively simple, with the BT typeface conjured by Dalton Maag taking pride of place amongst the array of roundels that will be used both internally and externally. A full roll-out is expected toward the end of the summer.

Earlier this month the new logo began adorning the shirts of the England football team after BT signed a multi-million pound deal with the Football Association.


BT (Via Red&White)


BT (Via Red&White)


BT (Via Red&White)


BT (Via Red&White)


BT (Via Red&White)