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Disruptive networking app Bumble are looking for a collaboratively minded senior designer


We’d all like to be a little more connected. Not just liking holiday photos and engagement notifications connected, but, really connected. The team at Bumble seem to agree. Bumble have always been about creating and curating safe-spaces which encourage and foster an environment geared towards female empowerment. From the original dating app, to the social circle expanding Bumble BFF the aim has always been to bring like-minded souls together to build their hive.

Their latest mode Bumble Bizz, is really up It’s Nice That’s street, offering creatives a chance to pursue a career change, meet collaborators, or become a mentor. Whether you’re an established director of photography looking for a last minute pair of hands on a shoot with a big name client, or an up and coming strategist in need of a project to, y’know, strategise, Bumble Bizz’s ever-growing network will be there to give you a leg up.

Networking is important, but it can also be a little awkward. There are some nights when even the most social of us out there in the creative sector find themselves daydreaming about catching up on Corrie halfway through a chat over coffee with the CEO of a new start-up that’d look incredible on our CV.

And that’s fine, because with Bumble Bizz it’s you who is control over who you meet, where you meet them, and what you meet them for. Taking the creative reins — or indeed relinquishing them — has never been easier.

If that bridging those gaps and bringing creatives closer to making their dream projects lived realities sounds like the kind of thing that gets you out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face as you give the day’s first coffee a good, hard sniff, you’re in luck. Bumble are currently recruiting a senior designer to work within their International team. You’ll be sitting in the UK office but working on all markets outside of the US

They’re hunting for a motivated, driven, and experienced designer who thrives on working in a fast paced, high energy environment and is happy to display themselves to be flexible, quick-thinking, entrepreneurial, creative, and fundamentally collaborative.

If all of that sounds like a bit of you, the deadline for applications is the 30th of September. In the meantime, why not download the app, and find a friendly super-senior designer who can give the extra info that can turn an OK interview into the dream job.

Download Bumble now, switch to Bizz mode, and match with the below profile card.