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BuzzFeed “prints out the internet” for a one-off newspaper


Via BuzzFeed

New Yorkers were treated to an unusual sight yesterday. No, the Naked Cowboy hadn’t decided that, actually, he was a bit chilly, and that he was going to give that fluffy Patagonia vest he picked up in the post-Christmas sales a go. More’s the pity.

The assembled commuters, tourists, and wide-eyed Big Apple wanderers of Union Square, Penn Station and Herald Square found themselves offered a brand new print publication: a newspaper published by online list-merchants BuzzFeed.

Yep, that’s right: one of the digital world’s hottest properties has decided to enter Time Out territory. For one issue only, at least. In a statement released ahead of the paper’s arrival in New York yesterday morning, 6 March 2019, the content creators say:

“BuzzFeed, a company that was born on the internet and social media, is testing a new technology called print and unveiling a one-time, special edition BuzzFeed Newspaper, showcasing the latest news stories and favourite BuzzFeed content in an easy to consume mobile format.”

It goes on to add, playfully, that, “fans all across New York will be able to check out the must-read stories without ever needing wifi.”

Readers were treated to a cover story about the slightly disquieting Momo phenomena, amongst all kinds of other computer-to-print goodies. It’s Nice That can’t quite confirm whether or not old favourites like “17 Yorkshire Habits That Make The Rest Of The World Say ‘What?’” and “27 Things You’ll Remember If You Were A Teenage Boy In The ’00s” made the transition.

Watch BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith doling out copies of the paper below.