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London duo CC Wade’s new video for King Krule is mean, moody, and made of cardboard


cc.WADE/King Krule: Biscuit Town

Michael and Paraic Morrissey are busy boys. When they’re not releasing swampy dream-pop as LL Burns, or plying their gravity-free jazz wares with Jerkcurb, the South London based siblings are making some of their most inventive and intriguing videos going under their CC Wade moniker.

The lads’ latest effort, released today, sees them pairing up with long-term pal Archy Marshall for the gloriously gloomy visual accompaniment to Archy’s new King Krule single, Biscuit Town.

That track, taken from Archy’s XL Recordings’ released The Ooz sees him in typically skew-wiff form, with blunted electric piano lines falling over a gloopily slack rhythm section. It makes sense, then, that the video is similarly wonky.

Marooned alone in the otherwise largely unpopulated titular town, Archy wanders from bedrooms to bars and back again, ambling around a decaying city in miniature. A city in miniature, built from cardboard no less.

In an interview with WeTransfer, Michael says, “we wanted to do a miniature city because I just thought that would be the sickest shit to do. I saw these photos of this guy, this Italian photographer called Matteo Mezzadri. He built a city out of bricks. Literally out of bricks with holes in them.”

For CC Wade it seems like a case of today, Biscuit Town, tomorrow, the world.