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Christopher Ræburn unveils redesign of the Victoria & Albert Museum’s staff uniforms


East London-based fashion designer and Here 2017 speaker, Christopher Ræburn has unveiled a collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum. The project sees Christopher redesigning its staff uniforms with a collection inspired by the institution’s iconic objects.

Combining both jersey and outerwear, the uniform reflects the diverse needs of the staff throughout the V&A, including garments and accessories that can be “mixed and matched”. The fashion brand’s ethos is upheld through the use of the certified recycled and organic materials across the range.

The garments feature an original print formed from the silhouette of 20 of the museum’s iconic objects including a 19th century Japanese netsuke in the shape of a rabbit; a space hopper from 1970s Britain; and a 1870s rocking horse from France currently on display at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.

In terms of colour palette, Christopher was inspired by Raphael’s The Miraculous Draught of Fishes on display in the V&A, choosing to feature a range of blues and oranges inline with the brand’s signature colours. All aspects of the collection feature elements we’ve come to expect from the designer’s distinctive style, such as parachute details and a layering system.

The collaboration resonates personally with Christopher who states: “Exploring the V&A is one of my earliest childhood memories, I went on to study fashion design a stone’s throw away at the Royal College of Art and would spend hours delving into the archive at the V&A, so having this opportunity to develop responsibly designed uniforms for an institution so close to my heart has been an incredible honour.”