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Friends fans rejoice – Comedy Central gets first brand refresh since 2011


Comedy Central/loyalkaspar

Gag-merchants Comedy Central have enlisted creative branding agency loyalkaspar to work on the channel’s first major brand refresh since 2011. The channel’s refresh includes the application of custom typography and a new logo, bringing the home of Impractical Jokers bang up to date.

If you’re wondering what’s changing, it’s apparently, “Everything, really.” Or so Comedy Central says. “From how our logo works to our thumbnail images on YouTube and everything in between: every facet of how our content is experienced, including a new sonic identity
coming to platforms like CC Radio, podcasts, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.”

Highlights include the introduction of Comedy Sans, a custom typeface that is both unique to Comedy Central and inspired by the new logo. They describe it as, “a bolder, more condensed family, optimized for editorial content creation across every platform.”

Don’t worry – they’ll still be showing as many episodes of Friends as you can handle on a daily basis. That isn’t changing.

The refresh is out now.


Comedy Central/loyalkaspar


Comedy Central/loyalkaspar


Comedy Central/loyalkaspar


Comedy Central/loyalkaspar