Comic Relief adopts new identity to put an end to Red Nose related confusion

21 February 2019

Via Whistlejacket/Comic Relief

Life can be confusing, can’t it? How often are we meant to wash towels? Are there really 2,222 calories in a Wetherspoon Empire State Burger meal? And are Comic Relief and Red Nose Day the same thing?

The answers are as follows: Every few days, yes, and no, not really, even though they sort of are. Still puzzled by the latter? You’re not alone. Which is why Comic Relief has drafted in London-based agency Whistlejacket to create a pair of individual identities which should clear up any lingering confusion that might be residing at the bottom of a barrel of bright red bulbous noses.

In the most simple terms possible, Comic Relief is a charity, and Red Nose Day is its annual family-friendly fundraiser. Pudsey Bear has nothing to do with either. Just to clear that one up.

Whistlejacket’s work marks the first time Comic Relief has rejigged its look in the 31 years since it was founded. Keeping things delightfully simple, they’ve placed a white sans-serif typeface within bold blocks of colour; Red Nose Day finds itself sat inside a circle, and Comic Relief now lives in a square.

DesignWeek reports that the newly-introduced identities will roll out across the full range of Comic Relief and Red Nose Day merchandise and commercial collateral, with everything from “t-shirts for TK Maxx” to “British Airways’ in-flight safety films,” getting the simplified new treatment.

This year’s Red Nose Day falls on Friday 15 March.


Via Whistlejacket/Comic Relief


Via Whistlejacket/Comic Relief

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