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Creative Concern’s new identity for King’s College Hospital aims to highlight its amazing work


Creative Concern: King’s College Hospital

King’s College Hospital has been given a new visual identity by Manchester-based agency Creative Concern.

The hospital – which is perched halfway up Denmark Hill in south east London – is aided and assisted by the King’s College Hospital Charity. A body “dedicated to supporting the life-changing care” that patients receive in the institution, it is the charity who are on the receiving end of Creative Concern’s visual repositioning.

While it may seem, initially at least, odd to consider a hospital as a “brand”, we do have to remember that hospitals are vastly expensive things to run and maintain. And, with the NHS in the midst of a crisis which combines staffing and financial issues, it has become more vital than ever to engage potential donors. With this in mind, Creative Concern was approached by the charity with the aim of “transforming the way the charity communicates,” with a focus on “increasing levels of fundraising and engagement.”

Hospitals can be, and often are, difficult, stressful environments. After all, it isn’t often any of us find ourselves in one for pleasant reasons. So it stands to reason that hospitals are aware of its perception on a visual level. To that end, Creative Concern were concerned creatively with producing work that engenders a sense of goodwill amongst staff, patients, and visitors.

“We wanted to develop a brand that would stand out when seen within the busy hospital environment,” says Creative Concern’s head of design Liz Newell. The agency’s identity uses colour in particular to do this, using a high-intensity canary yellow throughout the identity, acting as a “highlight to showcase the amazing work of King’s.”


Creative Concern: King’s College Hospital


Creative Concern: King’s College Hospital


Creative Concern: King’s College Hospital