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“Plans to end freedom of movement following Brexit imperil the creative industries” says report


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A Global Talent Report published by the Creative Industries Federation stresses the vital need for international workers in the sector, and the threats posed by the impacts of Brexit. The report explores the reliance of creative businesses on international employees, stating that 75% (of surveyed businesses) employed EU nationals, yet two thirds said they could not fill these jobs with British workers.

“The diversity of people working in the UK’s creative industries is a major strength and gives us a competitive edge,” says CIF chief executive John Kampfner in the report. “ It helps us to develop new and innovative products and provides insight into a greater number of export markets.

“Therefore, we must radically reimagine our immigration system. Plans to end freedom of movement following Brexit imperil the creative industries and threaten further growth. Some creative companies say they will lose business if they are forced to recruit using the international visa system, which is slow and costly. Losing access to international talent in the UK also risks driving companies currently based here overseas.”

The report calls for a “major rethink” of our whole immigration system, and provides a detailed proposal for how government and business should do so, to maintain and improve the UK’s relationship with talent abroad.

“However this is not just about terms of entry,” he continues. “It is one thing to permit people to come here, but it is quite another to welcome them. The world has widely interpreted Brexit as a sign that the UK is turning its back on the world. We must reverse that impression if we are to attract the talent that has made us a global creative leader.”

Read the full report here.


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