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Creative industries make last attempts to sway EU referendum voters


This time next week Britain will vote whether or not to remain in the EU, so campaigns for Brexit and Vote Remain are now in the final stretch and the creative industries are adding their voices.

Art director Vicky Simmons has used artworks by herself, Steve Hockett and Barnie Page to create a set of badges for the #imstayingIN campaign. Each set bought enables Vicky to give away three badges for free.


Designer Bruce Usher has created a custom typeface for his online platform, A Good Reason, where people can write, screenshot and share a positive reason to vote in the referendum, using #agoodreason.


Harry O’Brien made this flag and poster design for EU-UK, an online pool of artworks and events surrounding the referendum.


Meanwhile UKIP today revealed a new poster using a photograph by Jeff J Mitchell of refugees in Slovenia, as part of its campaign for #VoteLeave.

Spectator has released its latest cover, featuring an illustration of a Union Jack-patterned butterfly escaping from an EU flag-adorned box.

And then there’s Brexit & Chill, an instagram account posting referendum-related musings.

Last month a controversial campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi with Operation Black Vote aimed to encourage the BAME communities to vote.


…and artists including Jefferson Hack and Wolfgang Tillmans released a series of open-source posters for the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign.