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Culturesport creates interactive digital drum machine and anime film for KENZO


Culturesport has created an interactive digital drum machine for fashion brand KENZO, and a film featuring its hyperreal anime characters.

Artwork by the enigmatic art and film collective has taken over the brand’s homepage, featuring a woman with giant prismatic eyes, projecting holograms of the sound board from her hands.

On first visit the homepage shows a surreal animation introducing the project. It then reveals the interactive section: a drum machine, flickering television, and a collection of handbags on pedestals. Visitors can select sections of the sound board to compose their own track, then play it and watch the handbags dance along. It’s called the KENZO CS909, a riff on the Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer.

A 3D anime series by Culturesport is currently in production, with a few preview clips available to view on its Instagram profile. It also previously created a CGI video to accompany fashion brand Telfar’s runway show.