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D&AD launches its 2018 Annual with a manual to inspire future generations of creatives


All images courtesy of D&AD

D&AD has launched its 56th Annual today with a nod to inspiring future generations of creatives. The design of this year’s book sees its front cover cut in half to make space for the Manual – a  detachable exercise book featuring creative tasks and inspirational contributions from industry heavyweights. According to D&AD, all those who pick up it up are encouraged to pass the Manual on to up and coming creatives, to support their rise through the industry.

The annual is designed by Magpie Studio who use the Timmons NY typeface to reflect modernity. D&AD has long had a mission statement to promote education within the creative industry, and this offering hopes to continue in the same vein. As a non-profit, all of D&AD’s surpluses go straight into programmes such as New Blood, that inspire the next generation of creative talent to access the arts.

Speaking about the book, Steve Vranakis, D&AD President, says: “There have been so many beautiful and interesting Annual designs over the years that I thought this year we use the book to give a bit more back to people just starting out”.

“My mission for my year as D&AD President was all about recognising people for their raw ability and not about who they are or where they come from. My personal background meant that I had to learn about the creative industries on my own without mentors or contacts, without schooling and accidentally getting into the industry, something we hear all too often. One of my predecessors, Andy Sandoz, was actually the first to introduce the idea of the D&AD Annual acting as a ’manual’ for creativity and I thought what better way to deliver against my manifesto of opening up the creative industry to more people especially those coming from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds than to revive this.”

The Annual is out now.