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Maisie Williams’ creative platform Daisie announces open call for Wonder Women


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A new initiative from Maisie Williams’ creative platform Daisie is inviting female creatives to submit their ideas for a project themed on Wonder, and is offering full support to make them happen. The Wonder Women program will bring together teams of women, as well as those who identify as female, to collaborate on projects of a variety of disciplines. Offering involvement in London-based events, meet-ups and workshops, the teams of “Wonder Women” will then receive backing to realise the work, as well as exposure to a range of professional opportunities to get them out into the world.

Applicants must create a Daisie account and start a project with “a premise that explores the theme of wonder” to be considered. The platform is open to a wide variety of different disciplines in the creative sphere, from photographers to producers and writers, as a place to share ideas, find collaborators and work on projects together.

Williams – best known for her role as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones – co-founded Daisie with film producer and entrepreneur Dom Santry, aiming to open up the creative industry to a more diverse group of people. Access to jobs, they say, is still controlled by “industry gatekeepers” and by giving people a different way to connect and work together, they hope to provide a new route into a creative career.

“I am constantly inspired and motivated by female creators,” Williams says in a statement about the Wonder Women launch. “We are so much stronger when we work together and celebrate each other.”


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